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Thread: Did i say i like red?

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    Did i say i like red?

    Well i am getting back into the shop but before doing so had to clean rust off my lathe after it has been stored.
    Decide to cut the bench i brought all the way from SA down by 1/3 on width and redneck style just bolted the two pieces together. Then due to space limitations and the weight, i added some good Lv casters to make it mobile.
    Then i cleaned up my lathe and decided heck i dont like Craftex green. I dont really like the lathe its real chinese quality so i removed its nameplate and got my favorite color rattlecan and sprayed the heck out of it all bench lathe and some more.
    Heres the proof...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now i will make some low height draws and fill in the space below and mount some pegboard on the wall and get cracking on some birshouses before Xmas arrives.

    Its so great to be messing with tools and machines again.

    And the real bonus for me is stepping out of my shop i have no one bothering me anymore. Pure bliss.

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    Red is good!
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    Looks good Rob. Have fun with your shop time.
    Bernie W.

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    You know that makes you more likely to get pulled over right?

    Its true.. I saw it someplace on the internet...

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    Looks good Rob! Need a full shop tour though, like what I see so far.

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    Red? Next you've gonna be telling me about purple Powermatics.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    ...Now i will make some low height draws and fill in the space below and mount some pegboard on the wall and get cracking on some birshouses before Xmas arrives...
    Can the drawers and pegboard wait until after the birdhouses? You've got a specific drop-dead date on the birdhouses...I'd say get them done and out of the way. Then you're not stressed trying to get them done at the last minute.

    Glad to see you actually getting fun out of the shop, instead of stress.
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    Looks good.
    At least until the eom it may look better with some holly drapped over it.
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