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Thread: wear vrs dollars? cordless drivers...

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    wear vrs dollars? cordless drivers...

    ok i have 2 old well used panasonic drill drivers 15.6v drug out the second charger this spring to charge the batteries and last week none of them were fully charged and i hadnt used them much.. i also had two setting in the chargers and they were basically dead too??

    so my question is do i give up and got to lithion models or is it cost effective to have these fixed.. i hate to see them go, they fit well and are good friends

    if i do go to new models i have some bosch now that are doing me well in a differnt area. so would look to bosch in the future, milwaukee is in the running as well.. color doesnt make them work any better but it makes me feel better and green or yelo doesnt do it for me real well but i can change

    so what are the reviews out there on a new tool, in the 14.4 to 18v range.. looking for a pair again so i can interchange batteries..
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    Larry, I personally don't think it's cost effective to have them repaired, unless they are your best friends, I had a battery rebuilt for an old P/C 12V drill and it didn't last too long, so I got a new drill with the L/I batteries and they are really great, when they go down they just quit instead of just slowing down, and the recharge time is much shorter. I think it is a personal thing, you have to do what you are most comfortable with. I like you am thinking of getting a Bosch to go along with mt P/C 18V. Also I have heard a lot of people touting the Ridgid, with the lifetime replacement warranty, register it and you can get free replacements for life
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    FWIW. I got refurb batteries for my Makitas about 1-1/2 years ago. I bought the new DeWalt for less money than the 4 batteries. The refurbs no longer hold a charge. The original batteries worked well for many years. Would I replace/rebuild batteries again? No. Didn't seem to be cost effective. Frankly, I regret spending that money. The technology has moved on. Sometimes you have to meet new friends. My two cents.

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    My old Milwuakee batteries died and I spent $90 each one to get them rebuilt. They last me three month of heavy use and now back to not holding a charge. I broke down and bougth new. I like the milwuakke power tools. Also like yhe bosch sanders and jig saws.

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    I got a couple of makita 14.4 volts that I, like Larry, really like. The batteries are shot and I was thinking about getting them rebuilt, but the consensus seems that it's not worth it. It chaps me that the drivers themselves are still good, but the cost of new batteries is right at the cost of new drivers and batteries!

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    what a lot of the contractors around me have started to do is use Grizzlys. They find a model they like and get it, when the batteries go bad, they just buy another complete set. Cheaper in the long run. Disposable society we live in, you know.
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    I've been nursing my DeWalt 14.4 'system' along for several years now. I've had five of the batteries rebuilt, and they've been better than new. I have three drills, an impact driver, recip saw and two circular saws, so the batteries see a lot of use. I have four chargers going most of the time.

    My oldest pair of rebuilt batteries are about three years old now, and still as strong as ever. Rebuilding was about half the cost of new - about $35~40.
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    8 years on my current dewalts, still hold charge and still work like champs, when they go it will be dewalt 18V lithium I have held them, used them, and love them just my humble opinion

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    It might make a difference on where you go to get your batteries rebuilt. I know Jim's place is pretty top notch.

    Generic refurbs might not be such a good deal.
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    Lots of folks fix them themselves like this guy:

    If you search for "cordless drill battery repair" you'll find several good examples pretty fast.

    Its not really that the cost of the batteries themselves is all that high (the one I linked to ran him $21.48 per battery pack) its getting them in the correct package (prebuilt) and the rebuild labor (rebuilt). If you're doing it yourself you can save a bit.

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