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Thread: They just dont get it

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    They just dont get it

    We went to the church tonight to bring in some supplies and start to get ready for an event on Saturday night. My wife had bought a package of bamboo skewers, you know the ones, about 3mm in diameter. they were about 10" long and she wanted them cut down to about 6". So I said, "OK, I'll bring my razor saw tomorrow." (She didnt want me to break them.)

    So she says, "Surely you can use a sharp knife from here."

    I know from bitter experience that there is no sense in arguing, so I go to the knife drawer, and select a bread knife with fine teeth. Then I grab the bunch of skewers in my hand, and proceed to saw. And saw, and saw, and saw. After about five minutes, I had successfuly shortened about eight of the darned things. So I say, "This is going to take all night."

    She says, "Oh, well, we're going to be here for another half hour or so."

    I let go of the bunch of skewers, put the bread knife back in the drawer, and told her I'll come back tomorrow with my razor saw and do the job in a minute.

    So now she's mad at me...

    Some people just don't understand how to get things done...
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    welcome to a womans mind roger
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    Yup I feel your pain, btdt got t shirt. Favorite word in our house from missus is "just" Just do this just do that its all easy. Even more difficult if your other half thinks she is McGyvers replacement.
    Thats when Klein tools such as good quality wire strippers become pliers.

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    Right tool for the right job, I always say.

    I bet those community knives and sharp as butter knives anyway. But since the people that use them are used to them, I wouldn't do anything like sharpen them or the ambulance might be showing up there.

    I'm a stickler for sharp knives in the kitchen and am always surprised at how dull some of my family members knives are when visiting.
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    I would have handed it to her and said have at it!

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    I may have posted this picture before, but here it is again!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I find that chewing 60 grit gets me past these moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    I find that chewing 60 grit gets me past these moments
    It's tough on the teeth though......PDAMHIKT..

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    My wife questions a lot of things I do, but when it comes to cutting or adhesives, she just shuts up and watches the magic happen. I have sharp knives, a variety of saws, and I keep nearly every common adhesive on hand in the shop.

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