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Thread: Which Photo Setup Do You Prefer?

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    Which Photo Setup Do You Prefer?

    A lot of pen turners use props such as Pen Stands when photographing their pens.
    I have posted some photos using a pen stand along with some photos without using any props.
    Which do you like the best?

    The pen is an Electra Gold/Chrome Rollerball with a piece of Black Ash Burl turned, sanded to 400x, buffed with extra fine steel wool and finished with 10 coats of MINWAX OMWB Polyurethane using my"Dipping Method"


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    without is fine
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    Hey Les,
    I prefer the pictures without the prop... I like the way it makes the pen appear to "float" in the picture... I don't use a prop when I photograph pens....
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    Agreed, the pen really stands out by itself.

    I do like the picture with the writing tip exposed... brings out its "penness" I suppose Personally I'd be tempted to try that one with the cap beside it just to see how it looked.

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    My vote is for the no-stand setup.

    Great-looking pen, by the way.
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    I am surprised. Not the answers I was expecting. I thought I would be the odd man out. I do prefer NO prop. However, the one with the body across the cap is good. In my humble opinion I would toss that into your mix, BUT not too often.

    I have no ability to visualize ahead of time. I do pretty good at knowing what I did wrong or that the red chair should go over there, not where it is, type of things. With that in mind, why don't you experiment laying a pen on a piece of fine quality fabric. My guess would be that pen on dark sweet chocolate brown or perhaps a very light cream. I sure would not rule out a contrasting (across the color wheel) color.

    Film is cheap these days. Shoot a hundred shots of one or two pens with different colors. Perhaps the fabric would be out nearly smooth or all rippled up into smooth waves. You will have a lot better idea after a hundred shots of one or two (not at the same time) pens. If you move your lights around keep a record of what lamps, luminaires (tech word for the thing that holds the light globe) at what angle and at what distance.

    Have Fun! You will enjoy the exercise and probably learn a lot.



    PS Gads, I sound like a dorky know-it-all. However, I still think it is good advice.
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    I like the no prop, part of it is your method of taking the pics, you use a white background and enough light to make the pen seem to be the only thing in the pic, the prop just takes away from that.

    Nice pen, as always!
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    The pen is a beauty and prefer no prop.
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    I have no preference and use both. Your pics are very good.
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    Les, the very first image is the only one to NOT have a streak of light reflecting down the shaft of the pen, however I dont mind seeing that as it shows off the finish. The angle of your lights must have been just right in the first image. I prefer the pen by itself. The pen really stands out without distraction. Really well done. It takes time to set up an image like this and get the results you are getting. I like it. Oh...the pen is great as well!.
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