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Thread: 2 pens

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    2 pens

    one acrylic princeton, one walnut wallstreet 2

    I dont have that much turning supplies, and didnt realize ca glue takes so long to dry(walnut)

    After touching the walnut blank, I used some 0000 steel wool, rubbed it down, then reapplied a few more coats.

    acrylic, mesh pads with wet paper towel, then some hutppp wax.

    I have alot of company coming over saturday night, xmas/hanukah gathering, so I glued up a few ebony blanks for wall streets and will let the kids turn if they want.
    figured they cant do any worse then me.
    I dont know enough legally blind people to sell my pens too, so Ill just give them all away.
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    Allen, those look pretty good from here. Nice job.
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    I sell all my pens to blind people Allen Those look fine to me. CA should dry in seconds on any wood...unless it's old.
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    I thought it dries in seconds also.

    I dont think woodcraft would have old stuff on their shelves, but the bottle does say extended time.
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    Love your sense of humor. Nothing wrong with those pens. Now u gonna put Mack out of business.

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    I think they look great, Allen.

    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    ...the bottle does say extended time.
    That would explain it.

    A word of advice: Sometimes ebony can be a bit finicky when used for pens. It can be prone to cracking if not handled with a gentle touch.
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    Great looking pens Allen. Yep extended time will take a long time to dry. I do have to agree with Vaughn that ebony is probably one of the hardest woods to turn for pens. Needs a gentle touch when turning or it will blow out.
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    I purchased the ebony blanks I believe back in the first woodworking show I went to in 2009.
    Im glued up a couple of them but Ill save them for me.
    Ill go out tomorrow and glue up a few more blanks since I already know my daughter wants a purple acrylic, and my son wants to turn one also.
    should be interesting,
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    They look great from here Allen!
    Well done.

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    Those look great to me..

    Maybe you've run into a whole bunch of illegally blind people here... but I wouldn't bet on it (I'm only legally blind once I take the glasses off).

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