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Thread: Weekend bench Photos

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    Weekend bench Photos

    It's the weekend again. I got busy yesterday. In front of the computer all day but I got out three reports and one contract for next weeks work. Didn't get to the shop till late and only for a short time.

    Take a photo of your bench top sometime this weekend and post it. Mine is finally empty! But that won't last long.
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    I have six kits for European pens and one for a Jr. Gentleman fountain pen sitting, ready to be turned and made into pens for special orders. The lone kit on the right will be made with a pink synthetic made by a friend in Texas. I very rarely make pens from anything but wood but this is a special request. However, my daughter and son-in-law are visiting from Colorado. He is in the Air Force, stationed at Peterson AFB there. He is to be (re)deployed to maybe Iraq and maybe Qatar this May. So visiting time with them will trump making shavings for, at least, another week. Daughter turned 21 about a week ago, Andrew today. We are having a little party at the house for them tonight. Pens can wait.
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    This weekend .... what's on my bench? hmm ... the entire shop, i think. I can't get to my bench to take a picture of it, unfortunately. I'm hangin' drywall and since the shop's only 8'x23' and I have a full set of machinery, it's been going one sheet at a time ... move a ton of stuff, fix the framing so it lines up, hang a sheet, move a ton, fix framing, hang a sheet ... i have 4 sheets up so far in 7 days (evenings)

    It'll be worth it when it's done, tho
    Jason Beam
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    .... Just finished painting (YELLOW) the shroud for my somewhat NEW and reconditioned bandsaw.

    .... Also just finished painting (white) dust collection unit for my newly acquired, used reconditioned bandsaw.

    .... Just starting to build a DIRT CLUMP REFINER unit (black).

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    Does the floor count? Picked this stuff up this morning.
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    A proper workbench is on the horizon after the DC install gets done.
    Link to my ongoing ClearVue DC Install on CV's site: http://www.gallery2.clearvuecyclones...s-Mini-CV1400/

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    It ain't pretty but it works. Thats why its called a work bench.

    I haven't cleared it off from the tail end of the weeks work.

    I am in the process of drawing the tool box for underneath this bench.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Sheet of laminate.

    Waiting on the glue to dry
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    Left is the base of a cutting board holder I'm building for my wife, center is my new Triton powered respirator for the shop and tile project...and to the right are some tools for the demolition of our kitchen, powder room and bathroom (x2) tile counter tops. Was quoted $6k +/-1k for the I'm doing myself. We are having granite tops installed.

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    I started this custom wooden model in October and with snowmobiling this winter, I finally got around to finishing it. It depicts a 7740 Ford tractor with a side mount boom mower knocking down brush beside a gravel road. You can tell that from the culvert, rocks, stumps and brush in the ditch. Overall I think it came out good.

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    re: Johnson. Neat, almost art work.

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