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Thread: Headline in Boston today "Rookie QB beats Brady Bunch. I am humbled

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    Headline in Boston today "Rookie QB beats Brady Bunch. I am humbled

    Well last nights NFL game between the Pats and the 49ers has me very humbled today.

    Dont know what the boys were up to but they fell apart right from the beginning when my boy Brady got his hair ruffled by a 49er after that oh boy i went to bed by the 3rd qtr could not stand it.

    Congratulations to all the 49er fans the score could have been even worse for the Brady bunch.

    Sorry Bob we gotta fess up when its not going our way. Not sure Brady is gonna get another ring after last nights game. Oh boy what more can i say.

    Oh yeah ......LARRY YOU WERE RIGHT you called it. You should have put a bet on it you may have been a few dollars better off today.

    Next time i will wait till superbowl game day before even trying to predict anything.

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    it was a good game and you missed some good plays at the end.. i think the 49rs played to soft at the end but still got the win.. brady is good but he is just one player, and football is a team sport.
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