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Thread: When is enough........enough.

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    Angry When is enough........enough.

    My apologies in advance if you love banks.

    Watching the news today and mention was made of the fine the Swiss Bank UBS is going to pay for having participated in the Libor rate rigging recently. So they going to admit guilt and pay 1.5 Billion Dollars.

    Then it hit me. This is the same bank that has been involved whenever there is some or other illicit deal going on in the world of banking. They never miss a trick.

    So I asked myself when is enough enough. When does a crowd like this finally get their banking licence withdrawn.

    How is it they keep getting support. Ofcourse if you were one of their clients they just using your fees to pay for the fine and tomorrow its business as usual.

    Ofcourse being Swiss the the ones who bank the money of the people who are scamming our governments out of tax revenues so i guess its a hang out for other crooks and heck they aint gonna complain or change their account.

    But i have had it with these guys and the whole Swiss banking system hiding behind cloak and dagger secrecy etc all these years.

    Any ordinary person that chiseled a bank out of a few pennies would have found themselves in prison. These guys go on an on an on with immunity like they won the survivor of the century trophy.

    Problem i see is the ordinary man in the street does not even have a grasp on how Libor affects their lives and the cost to them their town city district state etc.

    A bank is supposed to be a place of trust, but i guess that like so many things has just been watered down to nothing and is meaningless today, when one can overwhelm the masses with circus.

    My apologies for the rant but this pushed my buttons at a time when some countries are being placed under such austerity yet the fat cat Swiss bankers get away with what i consider to a dispicable breach of global trust. What kind of human being is in charge of an organization like this.

    Biggest joke on us of all is they get to be awarded SWISS BANK OF THE YEAR 2012.

    This is one time i would like to see the internet hackers go to work and take this bank out in its entirety. I would not shed a tear for them or their customers, they dont deserve customers. 1.5 Billion $ is pocket change to the damage fixing that rate across the world cost everyone in the world. Global trade operates on that rate it affects everything.

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    Shhhh, you'll anger the secret Demon Overlords. I have a healthy conspiracy theory engine but, it doesn't even have to kick in for some of the garbage that goes on. Just think about all the stuff we never hear about.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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