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Thread: Black, Blue, and a Little Curly, Too

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    Black, Blue, and a Little Curly, Too

    Well, actually more of an emerald than blue, but it's hard to find words that rhyme with "emerald"...

    This is a piece of maple I turned on my last trip back home. The blank was from some blister maple I got a few years ago, although there was pretty much no blister figure in this particular chunk. The top shows a bit of tiger curl, but other than that, it was pretty plain stuff so I got out the airbrush and dyes. It's about 5" in diameter and 3 1/2" high. After the turquoise and black dyes, I built up a fair amount of spray can lacquer, then wet-sanded and buffed it to a grand piano finish. I know some people don't really like glossy wood, but wet-sanded and buffed lacquer is one of my favorite finishes. It's glass smooth like poly without the plastic feel. But it's a real bear to photograph. These were done outdoors in my photo tent under direct sunlight. (Too lazy to set up my lights.)

    Comments, questions, critiques, finger-pointing, and laughing are all welcome...
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    Vaughn, that is another beauty.
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    My "comment and Critique" is that is very pretty! To me the dyed wood needs a glossy finish. Lots of depth in the finish. Nicely done.
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    the only thing its missing vaughn is the blisters you and your air brush are definitely connected well
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    Beautiful Vaughn
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    Your turnings always advance your reputation for fine work! Well done! Wish I had your talent.
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    like i said over younder, this is the reason i love these forms. Don't get any better.

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    Very beautiful Vaughn. The perfect gift for St. Paddy's Day. By the way, your turning is again placed in the most prominent place on our tree.
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    That's outstanding Vaughn! I really like the color and depth and the swirl of the grain underneath.

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    Wow! I think I saw some fish swim by. Great depth on that finish.

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