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Thread: Xmas Birdsnests 2012 finally done

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    Xmas Birdsnests 2012 finally done

    Well i had a instruction to make 5 birdsnests for Linda to give as gifts. Thought i would never get them done. Not the best work but hey the customer is happy so i aint concerned. I now can see why so many of you say you dont like making things for others with a deadline.

    Anyhow the pic only shows 4 the 5th was packed while i was travelling down to Buffalo so i was lucky to be able to get pics of the 4.

    Nothing really fancy had to make do with the wood pieces i had on hand from previous attempts. Could only find the large red cardinal birds here at Michaels.

    Yesterday in Buffalo NY I popped into a A.C. Moores store and found some nice smaller yellow birds. Too late to change as i had glued these on already.

    Had to put the Keeble Power Plant on hold and make these working in the cold was 37.4 degrees in my shop at the time but the show had to go on.
    Wood used is Sumac/Maple Maple/Paduk Maple/Ash Maple/Maple.

    Had to push on working without sharpening my tools so next week will be a big tool sharpening jamboree when i got the power plant going.

    Not real fun turning with blunt tools but this was a get er done task.

    Also discovered that the lathe on casters is now too high so given i got concrete floors i will make a platform from 2x4 and ply to stand on at the lathe. That will do the trick and help the feet.

    Really cool to be back in the shop making sawdust with no harrasment and worked till 10pm. Now if i get the power plant done i will be nice and cosy and have power to spare.
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    Very nice!
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    Way to go, Rob. They look nice and I'm glad to see you got them done. You'd have been sleeping on the couch had you not gotten them finished in time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    ...Had to push on working without sharpening my tools so next week will be a big tool sharpening jamboree when i got the power plant going. ...
    That's penny wise and pound foolish, buddy. You do realize the turning would have gone faster with sharp tools, right? I'm willing to bet with the faster cutting and less sanding that sharp tools would have provided, you would have more than made up for the time spent sharpening. That's sort of like saying you didn't have time to put air in the tires, so you drove to town on four flats.
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    Well done, even with dull blades.

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    Well Done Rob!!
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    Nicely done Rob.
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    there ya go buddy. today a few xmas ornaments, tomorrow, a 4 post bed and bedroom set.
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    Those look great Rob. I really like that Sumac. We have Sumac here, but it doesn't look anything like that.

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    Great looking birdhouses Rob. Really well done.
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    rob you should never admitted you worked with dull tools what would your dad say
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