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Thread: Wild finishing question

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    Wild finishing question

    Hello all. I am working on a project for some friends and I will be making falconry blocks which are wood blocks that they use for their birds of prey perch on when outside. That being said they will be subjected to high temps and high humidity in the summer and low humidity and subzero temps in the winter.

    I am trying to think outside the box here and find the perfect finish but I am going to need some help from those with far more experience than myself.

    Option #1- I was considering using a vacuum chamber and either Linseed Oil or some oil combination to get complete penetration of the wood. My question is with the perches will be about 10 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter will the oil penetrate that deep and how long will it need to dry? I was then going to finish the surface with a few coats of brazilian rosewood oil for appearance.

    Option #2- Again I was thinking of using the vacuum chamber and trying to use some sort of resin similiar to what the pen turners use to stabilize spalted or punky wood. With the size of the piece that i am using I am not sure if that would be cost effective or that it would penetrate prior to setting up.

    Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated as I begin my journey!

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    Perhaps the 'perfect finish' is no finish, just a wood that is exterior friendly, like white oak, and others.

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    Ask the falconers to be sure, but the oils may be detrimental to the birds' feet - or their digestive system if they peck at the perches.

    Carol's got it right - no finish. Use white oak, mahogany, ipé, teak, etc. and leave it unfinished.

    Avoid using any treated wood, for sure!
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    I have to agree, there doesn't seem to be a reason to finish such a piece (says the guy who has only owned one Falcon, made by FoMoCo!).

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