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Thread: Most annoying tool in my shop

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    Most annoying tool in my shop

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    But it actually came in handy today. Was making some custom Cherry molding.

    Just a simple little cove profile and needed something to sand it.

    This tool comes with a nice selection of profiles to use.

    The sander itself is an anti-ergonomic wonder. Too big to really put your hand around. The vibration nearly numbs it to death within minutes.

    But the little rubber doohickeys with the profile work just fine on their own without the sander...
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    I have one of those...somewhere... I haven't used it since before we moved here from California - over eight years ago!

    The little rubber profiles that fit it are in a drawer with the sticky back sandpaper, though. They do get occasional use.
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    I bought one on CL about 2 months ago for $20.00 brand new. Tried it once and put it away.
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    I'm going to say that the most useless tool in my shop is generally me....

    I have something akin to that that also does flush cut plunge cutting. Was very very useful the ~3 times I've actually needed it.. and I've only had it for.. 5? years. Haven't actually used the sander feature (although if I remembered to use it it might have been handy there .. twice..)

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    I'm lucky. Glenn gave me one. So the only thing I am out is the space it takes up in the cupboard. It sounds great. However, I have never used it.

    Darn it. There just has to be something for me to use it on.


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    I have to agree, I threw the power head out and kept the profile pieces.

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    Annoying annoying yes every tool from my shop is annoying they are calling to me from the storage facility where they are stored. Whats really annoying is having no shop building to put them in. One little tool that I don't use to much wouldn't bother me one bit.

    Try a whole shop full of tools gentlemen. 2 of all the major floor model tools.

    It's like needing to pull a bad tooth & no way to do it.
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    Thanks for the warning Brent. I have seen those several times and thought mmmh but resisted the buy. Now i can scratch it from the list and get these and accept hand sanding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    I bought one on CL about 2 months ago for $20.00 brand new. Tried it once and put it away.
    And now you know why it was on Craig's List!! I bought a harbor freight unit. Noisiest thing I've ever heard. But it did what I needed it to. I tried to use it as a detail sander on the chair I'm refinishing for the LOML, and it worked ok. Got into some spots I would have fought with otherwise. It has it's place, most of the time it's like yours....stowed away. Jim.
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