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Thread: What a Merry i became a collector of American Wildlife art

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    What a Merry i became a collector of American Wildlife art

    So most know we had the big hoedown at Larrys place this year. Well Dave Hawksford our artist obliged me when i asked him to bring his work to the event and show it off.

    I just love Daves work and was absolutely taken back to see it in real life. Never in the world did i think i would ever be the owner of one of his pieces.

    Well Linda and Dave got chatting.

    This morning i get a cardboard tube all wrapped up and i am thinking Ok whats Linda done now. I gave her a very specific list of tools i would like and i aint to fond of her straying off the path, not that she ever listens to me despite the "honor and obey" part at our wedding ceremony. What can you expect from an independent woman and twenty years.

    But this time Linda excelled and so did Dave. I just love each picture Dave creates his skill is amazing and none of the electronic pics do justice to the real deal.

    So when I opened the tube and saw Rocky
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dave H Racoon Pic.jpg 
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    I was like a kid at Christmas all over again and over the moon with joy. Its the best present i have recieved since my son was born. Well done Linda and well done Dave for making it possible.

    I have a perculiar relationship with Racoons (love/hate and affection). Since we came to Canada they have a habit of crossing paths with me. Whenever we go camping the Racoons and i have a run in which usually leads to them getting the wrong end of my catapult and that while they up a tree.

    I still think they really cute but i have seen the aggressive side of these characters too, but they tasted the aggressive side of me too.

    Now i will have to use my new router lift and router and make my own special frame for it. I think some Michigan chocolate from my stash will have to come into play and be a part of it. Its only fitting given the colusion took place at the meeting at Larrys place unknown to me. I could never have kept a secret this long so i admire both Linda and Dave for doing this.

    Dave i hope your pics sell like hotcakes they sure as heck deserve to they amazing. Please consider doing a moose someday i just love the look of a grand moose.

    Rest of my presents pale into insignificance after opening this. Hope you all are having a Merry Happy Safe Christmas. I am off to stare at Rocky for the rest of the day I still cant believe it. Think i am dreaming.

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    Are you kidding me!!! That is gorgeous! Am I seeing things, or are there even moore animals hidden in the picture? I can almost see, or maybe it's my imagination, there is the head of another animal below & to the right of the raccoon. What talent. Seems like it could be appropriate to build in a light source along/within the frame. Simply beautiful!

    Talk about a CHristmas present, that will ceratinly be an heirloom for sure. Good for you!
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    Well that's a one of a kind sweet deal! Great picture (really imho captures the essence of a racoon) and great present!

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    i knew it too rob
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    Congrats Rob. What a great gift! Dave thats a very cool painting.
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    What a Merry i became a collector of American Wildlife art

    Very nice gift indeed!

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    Congrats Rob! Well done Linda and Dave!

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    Very nice!
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    What an excellent gift! Congratulations!

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