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Thread: christmas goodies

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    christmas goodies

    finally got the chance to post these, fighting a cold all day. my brother had a hard time figuring out what to get me, but he knew it when he saw it, a 16 piece set of clamps. never can have too many of those. then there is the one from my wife. her english skills are getting better and better. she wrapped it herself, and i got a pic of that before opening it. happy happy joy joy! it was the small router that i had told her about at harbor freight, she got it at a sale price, plus the 20% off coupon. one more part of the june cnc build out of the way. i have the router, a dedicated pc (i knew i had a reason for not throwing it out), a free keyboard, now all i need is a cheap monitor, and i'm set. just have to set aside for the actual cnc parts.
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    Nice haul, Dan. And here's hoping you can kick the cold before it kicks you any worse.
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    I have that router and its pretty handy
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