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Thread: Hey Frank

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    Hey Frank

    Just got done with breakfast...and since the wife is a news junkie, the TV in the kitchen was on and we saw that Little Rock had about 8 inches of snow.... by northern standards, maybe not so much, but for Arkansas .... everybody okay on your homestead??
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Chuck, we were in Little Rock with our daughter when the storm hit. The snow was wet and heavy then froze. Trees and power lines came down isn several counties. Over 210,000 people lost power includng our daughters house. We just go back this aft. Sat in her dark house with not heat for four days, shivering. I got the strong impression the power companies are not keeping their systems up to date or the line easments cleared of trees. The storm was not bad enough to have caused all the suffering that resulted. She may not get power back for another week according to the power company. That is why I prefer living in a semi-rural or rual setting. Easier to be self sufficient. I have a generator and back gas heat. If more rural I could pump my water and have a fire place.
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