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Thread: Santa did good

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    Santa did good

    So Santa has come and gone now. I hope everyone had a great time sharing time with family and friends and remembering the reason for the season.
    Anyway I thought I would share a few of the items I received this year. However I need to explain a couple things. First, my wife enjoys burning scented candles in our home and most of the time they do smell good so I dont mind. About a year ago she got one that I thought smelled really bad and I made a few comments about it when ever it was burning. She liked it so it burned every night until gone. Well my sister in law got me this candle this year and thought I might like it better. AND I DO!
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    My niece had asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Being a wise guy I said Chocolate! So this is what I got. Every package I opened had a chocolate bar in it. Oh, one package did have some tools in it.......but they were made of chocolate also.
    This was the best Christmas ever!
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    That looks SO good! Happy New Year, or will it last that long?

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    We are of the same mind. I received a large bag of M&M's!
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    Nice presents Tom, specially like the chocaltes. Dont last long with me. I get a jumbo toblerone in my stocking each year, takes a bit to down that one.

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    Those are not chocolates. They are, "I can't have its." Is it OK if I shed a tear now?

    If they are not all gone now, enjoy the next one twice as much; once for you and once for me.


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