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Thread: Something got hung today

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    Something got hung today

    Hi everybody,

    I mounted one of my presents today. It took several days to determine just where I wanted to place it.

    I solved the, “How high” bit by putting some drill bits into the holders and placing the entire cabinet on my drill press table. I ran the table up and down until I found the level that let me read the drill sizes easily.

    Then I swung the bit holding “arms” out and played like I was using the DP and wanted a drill bit. When I got that approximated, I propped the cabinet up on the wall with pieces of lumber. Then I fine-tuned the left-right business by playing “make believe” some more.

    Included are a couple pics of what I expect to be a very convenient addition to the shop.

    Hummm, I just assumed you would know the gift was from Glenn. That’s the kind of thinking that can get you into real trouble---especially in writing assembly instructions or technical manuals; right Vaughn?

    Glenn did the typical in making holders for the brad point and the regular (whatever you call them) bits. He also provided for a typical set of Forstners. And then he added blocks for me to custom drill for any bits I may use quite a bit (that is almost a pun).



    By the way---In one hour and 17 minutes, I will be a year older. The whole world celebrates my birthday.
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    I like that Jim. I need to make me something similar. That would beat the heck out of the bowl I have most of my most used bits in.

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    Nice Jim and well done Glenn! I like the swing out shelves, that would come in handy.

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