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Thread: small hollow vessel in desert oak

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    small hollow vessel in desert oak

    Small hollow vessel made from Desert Oak [Acacia Coriacea Sericophylla] for more info try here

    4.5" high x 4.0" dia showing the sap wood around the major diameter. This timber take a fine polish with either oil or wax and is a joy to turn.

    Part of the Christmas range I have been doing, a bit late but the shed is in the middle of a revamp as well. Plus I/We are baby sitting three grandchildren made it kinda hard to achieve anything.
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    Free Mesquite wood and completing a box

    Looking good - very nice with the carving
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    You sure do beautiful work Neil
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    Beautiful orientation Neil!! Kinda looks like a dessert!
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    Very nice work Neil. Color seems very fitting given the orgin of the wood. Good use of sap wood for coloring.

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    Wow, the sapwood is positioned perfectly! Doesn't get much better than this one, Hughie.
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    Gentlemen your comments are most flattering. Its always good here positive comments from my peers, much appreciated.

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