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Thread: Ring Master for lathe?

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    Ring Master for lathe?

    Got a 2236 Jet lathe, and Ring Master lists one to fit it. Anybody got this setup? If so, what are your delights, discoveries, and regrets? Thanks!
    Jim Evatt

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    Sorry I am no help. I don't even know what a Ring Master is. I am curious; educate me.


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Why not just use a parting tool to do the same thing?

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    a ringmaster only cuts rings from a board to make a bowl. it does this very well and you can make some fantastic bowls with it but nothing much. they sold a tool rest at one point but the lathe doesnt have a tail stock. typically a bowl is created after gluing a bunch of rings together and then a full size lathe is used to sand it or use the full size lathe tool rest.

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