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Thread: Great idea for modern storage of clothes

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    Great idea for modern storage of clothes

    This is new to me so if it aint dont hit me.

    This guy i have posted before that is building a diesel duck has just finished his clothes storage unit.

    Besides it being great woodworking he does, i think its a novel idea for built ins or wardrobes to take the place of pull out shelves or simply shelves. More and more clothes especially kids clothes just get folded up after coming out a drier and then put on the pile in the shelf or in a draw.

    Well in the draw you cannot see whats below so it ends up being pulled apart and on the shelves when this same thing happens to get an item at the bottom well the whole lot gets to come down at you.

    So take a look at this clever idea especially for a boat but i think units like this could work in an ordinary built in for you cabinet makers

    His main site is here if you wish to follow the whole schebang of how he is kitting out this boat.

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    The cabinet is beautiful. However, I don't see how it keeps me from making a minor mess if the Tee Shirt I want is on the bottom of the pile.


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    As i went directly to the link you provided Rob, when I saw the design I inmediately thought about being it ideal for a boat, then when going to the home link I found out that it was in fact for a boat. Maybe I'm not that bad at guessing.
    Besides the wood choice and finish is rather "marine" looking.
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