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Thread: Speaking of Scroll Saws

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    Speaking of Scroll Saws

    There is discussion on in another thread about scroll saws. Very timely because I came up with a new mount for mine today. I have a very small shop and have to use available space carefully. I have a cart that I have mounted several tools on and I roll it out into the room when I want to use one of the tools. Today I remounted my scroll saw so I could have more area around it when in use. I had a swivel thing that I took out from under a recliner chair I have. I cut a platform for my saw to fit on, mount it on the cart. When I want to use the scroll saw I can swivel it out to give me more area for the material I'm cutting. I think it is going to work great.
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    Pretty nice solution Paul. Great looking shop as well
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    Excellent solution Paul. Like you i am making everything mobile. Its the only way in a small shop. I think of it as flexible manufacturing. Reconfigurable workspace. Sounds sophisticated dont it.

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    Great stuff Paul. My use of the scroll saw is cyclical so having it stashed away between sessions would certainly decongest the area where it currently stands.
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