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Thread: It was all leading up to something! (For Paul Gallian)

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    It was all leading up to something! (For Paul Gallian)

    Used the warping board to measure the "warp" (threads that go front to back). Seemed to work pretty well, I need to make a mounting stand for it somehow (still.. other projects in the way).

    Used the bobbin winder to wind the thread on the bobbins, it definitely winds them up fast!!!

    Oh yeah and I made the shuttle shown here as well The shuttle is definitely a work in progress, not completely happy with the shape yet (needs more swoop up from the bottom so it catches less). I spent a while watching loml weave a while and did a bit of tweaking on it but have two more roughed out that I'll change the actual shape on more when I finish them (this is a 6" bobbin, since then we've gotten a bag of 4" bobbins that need a shuttle or three as well).

    And now LOML is making us (or perhaps one of the family... if they're nice enough) some new placemats on the loom (nope I haven't made a loom... yet... Man are those things complicated!!). This is an "8 harness baby wolf" from schacht we lucked out on and found a good deal locally used (they are apparently fairly rare to find at a reasonable price and in good shape)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow! Now that's going to take some fine attention to detail. Great job on the other items Ryan!
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    Ryan, these are top notch! -- did your really make the shuttle? Your wife's weaving is like a pro's work.. At first I assumed (yes I know about assume) she was just getting started weaving..

    Yes 8 harness baby wolf looms are hard to find used and when you do the asking price is in the range of a new car..

    Now your wife will be weaving birthday, Christmas, and all kind of presents for along time... Your family and friends will never tire of her weaving --

    I will have to wait to show these to my wife (Melissa) in the morning... she get angry and rude when I wake her up.. LOL I should proof read this before I post but am too lazy.
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    This is only the third item she's ever had on a loom (the previous two were at a beginners class a month or so ago). Well there is actually one simpler patterned placemat (on the same warp) already rolled off out of sight, but I'm not counting it (I think the plan is 4 patterns on this warp). She has done a lot of knitting and crochet work (and is incredibly detail oriented) though so I'm sure that has helped. There was some grumbling about tension and uneven selvage (perfectionists ); if the previous adventures have been any indication some fun things will come out of this for sure

    Shuttles are actually surprisingly easy to make (its basically a bandsaw box with an open middle ), once I get it figured out better I'll do a build thread on them. I also have a couple of rag shuttles done but we haven't tried those yet so I'll wait and see if they even work


    The initial challenge mostly seems to be in getting the warp setup right. There are a 178 threads there going front to back (and this isn't a huge pattern) and they have to be put through all of the holes (there are four sets used in the middle in this pattern) in just the right order and then properly tensioned. It was quite an endeavor (I "helped" or at least watched and commented ) especially since she had to redo half of it once (off by one error on the threading .. ). Once thats all done its "just" pushing the peddles in the right order and pushing the shuttle back and forth (looks like getting the tension correct, etc.. is also pretty hard, but you can't get there until the rest is done).

    Honestly I'm just real happy all the tools I made worked at all, starting from no idea and pictures off of the interwebs and books its sort of a challenge.

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    well done ryan and i am sure your wife will be happy setting there for along time
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    Ryan, Just a photo of my wife weaving. Phone camera so it is not the best photo also the wonderful sun was in the way!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Paul, that's definitely some fancy weaving. I had Cindy come over and take a look at it and she raised her eyebrows and commented on it

    The shuttle your wife is using is ~surprisingly close to the one I made but I noticed one significant detail that I think makes it better in that its curved a bit more aggressively on the bottom and has less curve on the top. I'll work on that shape part on the next couple and see how it goes.

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