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Thread: Bandsaw Accessory Rack Addition

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    Bandsaw Accessory Rack Addition

    I was killing a little time waiting for glue to dry so I whipped up this addition for the bandsaw "stuff" rack. The miter gauge was laying behind the saw on the frame which was fine but, everything else had a place so, why not. No real sophistication here; I just bandsawed it out of a piece of scrap and screwed it on.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS-Acc-Rack-Add-(1).jpg 
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Name:	BS-Acc-Rack-Add-(2).jpg 
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Name:	BS-Acc-Rack-Add-(3).jpg 
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ID:	72950 . Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BS-Acc-Rack-Add-(4).jpg 
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    Looks like I know what my next project is after the night stands, daughters cabinet, dresser to match bed and night stands, sewing cabinet oh and now another cabinet like the one I'm building for my daughter for Norma before they start fighting over the one thats in progress.

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    Very nice! Thanks for sharing, I love making things that improve the shop or help me work better.
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