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Thread: Shop tour with custom stuff

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    Shop tour with custom stuff

    Here are some pics of my shop (garage) that I have recently completed. At this point everything is optimized for the limited floor space. I had planned to park my car in there as well, but now I have seen the futility of it. I will probably re-arrange things as soon as I get a new cabinet saw, but this is how it will look for a while.

    The workbench folds down against the wall for added room. Until I made the planer table, my car still fit in the garage with all this stuff in here.

    I also added in a couple of pictures of the scaffolding I made to paint the raised cieling in the living room.
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    Custom planer table

    This was yesterdays project. It cost about $80 and took me about 9 hours. The tops are melanine and the frames are 2x4. I used some 3/4" plywood for the side brackets.

    I made a sled for the planer and made two moveable tables for infeed and outfeed. The plywood is mounted to the sled and the tables slide inside it. I use some inside corner brackets and all thread to make the adjusters. I had to cut the brackets down to minimize the width of the table. I used about a hundred nuts and washers, but the ende result is very fine adjustment on the tables. I didn't have any crossmembers under the tables and ran a couple boards through. I still had some snipe that way. Then I put some crossmembers in and the snipe was reduced dramatically. I still have a little fine tuning but the results are looking promising considering I only spent $80 on it.

    The dust collector was a temporary thing to test it out.

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    Nice shop Rob. Couple of question though. The door that is being blocked, is that used for anything? Are you going to have a kid or wife careen into you in the middle of a cut? And do you still build models? If so how about a pic of them?

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    Nice use of limited space there. I don't see a lathe. Hope that gets remedied soon. And, I see you have one of those ultra-light weight/duty Delta tables saws like mine. Surprisingly, they do yeomans work if you aren't in a hurry.

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    You should have just purchased one of these they work great for planers too. It would have saved the space you needed to save for work area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob McCune View Post
    ..... I still have a little fine tuning but the results are looking promising considering I only spent $80 on it.

    That is a very nice looking setup you have built. I particularly admire the bed adjustments that you designed into it. Nice work !!


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    Rob, Nice looking shop you have there. I am intrested in the planer stand you made.How long are the beds on it and does it stay adjusted once set?

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    Jim, that door was only blocked during the picture. I wanted to see the bench while it was folded down. I still do models but not right now, because the house is taking up all my time. You can see some of my models at

    Probably won't be getting a lathe anytime soon. To me you have to be artistic to do lathe work, and I am not artistic. Maybe some day. The table saw just plane sucks. I am getting a Jet Cabinet saw soon though.

    The beds are made from two sheets of melanine that I got at Home Depot. They started 24" x 48", but the infeed table got cut down for the planer base. I seriously don't think the needed to be as long as they are but I thought what the heck, I will have extra counter space when I am done.

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    Quite impressive. You are sure one of the guys that gets things done.

    The second picture showing the garage door open has me puzzled. It looks like that there is an overhead storage are where the garage door would need to be if it is open. Did you do away with the door? I must be missing something. I went back and looked at the first picture and I think that I see the garage door. I suppose that the second picture is an optical illusion.
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    There are two garage doors, Allen, the overhead storage is in between them.

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