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Thread: Frameless construction question

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    Arrow Frameless construction question

    I have a kitchen cabinet project coming up that calls for frameless cabinets.

    What is the best joining method; pocket hole screws, biscuits, or dowel or a combination of both?

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    I just use pocket hole. If it is on a cabinet where the ends dont show screws work good to. Mostly I strat by pocket screwing the bottom to the sides, then add the back then a strip on the top to attach the counter. Then I screw on the base.

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    Dadoes or rabbets plus glue and screws where they don't show. Dadoes or rabbets plus biscuits and glue otherwise. I also use pocket screws in areas where they won't be seen on some projects and plan to incorporate them more as I go along.
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    #6x2 inch wood screws countersunk with 1/2" plywood backs rabbeted into the sides and stapled every couple inches, screwed top and bottom.
    Also, edgeband the plywood before cutting to final size makes for a much easier time
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