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Thread: Apparently no longer flying under the radar.......

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    Apparently no longer flying under the radar.......

    Many years ago I installed an outdoor wood boiler to heat my wood shop, home and domestic hot water..... I did check with my insurance agent and he gave me the stand off specs. over the forward to 2013.

    I stopped by the insurance office today to inquire about the up-charge for putting in a pellet or multi-fuel or wood stove in the living room. My thinking was that I'm getting too old to be cutting wood in copious quantities to heat the old farm house so I will supplement with the indoor stove.

    The new insurance guy says, " it will be just a couple of bucks more per month for any of the stoves you mention provided they are installed properly." so I mention "that sounds good, I will be able to cut back on the wood required for the outdoor boiler" He says "what?, you can't have one of those, Too many lawsuits , we don't insure those" It apparently doesn't matter if the stove is 10 ft. from the house or half a mile.

    It seems they think it is better if the stove is in the home where "you can keep close tabs on it"

    The only thing I can think of is that they might be getting sued by neighbors complaining about smoke. Of course, if the smoke is coming out of a chimney it's O.K. but don't try to smoke anything at ground level. I wonder whats next, banning BBQ grills?

    The funny thing about my neighbors is that they really like the smell of wood smoke in the morning. It helps cover up the smell of the cow manure.

    The other thing I learned is that my insurance company will not insure "any wood working related business"

    I'm thinking it might be time to check out another company.......
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    Yup, sounds like it's time to switch. Anyone that used one of those outdoor boilers knows that there isn't hardly enough room to get a fire going and at that many are non-pressurized. They are just insulated well enough to make them hold heat well and the insulation alone would prevent the "explosion" from causing any real damage.

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