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Thread: First Circuit Board Cigar!

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    First Circuit Board Cigar!

    Just finished this afternoon. Never turned one of these before. Hoping an IT guy or gal takes a liking to it. Man those blanks are expensive (relatively speaking)!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The blanks are also available in black, blue, orange, red & white. What do you think?
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
    It feels great to sell a pen,
    It feels even greater to give one to a friend!

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    That a great looking pen there Mack... good work.

    I've never made one, but had 4 or 5 in inventory of a fellow I do some consignment selling for... he asked if I needed some pens for my permanent booth that I opened last year and showed up with a box of over 150 pens... so far I've sold all of his circuit board pens except the blue one.... rest went like crazy.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    looks great Mack,, and i would think that green would be the number one color to sell.
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    Beauty Mack. I think the green would be the top seller.
    Bernie W.

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    I love it. Really makes an interesting looking pen...
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    I had dan noren make me one back in sept so I could give it as a gift to my son for his 30th.

    He loved the pen, didnt even let me get a picture of it, but it was great looking pen. Its for a certain type of person. worth the money, as its more than a pen, its a conversation piece.

    simple simon stuff for you mack.
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    realy nice job mack, make a great gift for someone in the trade
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    Those do finish up great Mack! Well done...again!
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    Looks great

    I may have to try my hand at one at some point. I can't be a computer geek & a wood worker with access to the spinny stuff without one for too long...
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