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Thread: Another step closer

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    Another step closer

    Still some quirks I need to iron out, that and remember to recess the body into the neck like I did on the first one
    but it's getting there, and with a ton of effects in editing, doesn't sound too bad either, even with all the compression to get the vid into a reasonable size
    Video here

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    Holy cow! That is quite a build! Is that you playing it in the video!! Great craftsmanship. Fender ain't got nothing on you!
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    only thing you could do to make it better ken is to have a clip of you playing it on there as well!!
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    Nice job. I agree with Larry, Need some action shots!
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    Way Cool! Ken.
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    WAY COOL Ken
    How are you making your logo stuff?
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    Nice, like the contrast of wood and the tuners!

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    Thanks Paul, yep that's me behind all the audio effects

    Larry, Brent, I did you guys a's pretty scary when I go to the heavy greased up into a mohawk, stage make-up, spandex, platform boots, this is not visual enough eh?

    Thanks Mohammad for my new stage name...see>> you even got Jay using it

    Jay, just peel & stick thru the printer and light coats of spray can lacquer...& thanks too!!!

    Rich, thanks, you are uhm... way too much lacquer fumes lingering

    Thanks Darren, not too sure if I like the tuners that much, at least not in the 'demon' theme{if i can call it that}...they lean more towards the bumble-bee side in my eyes
    The perception of perfection is perfectly clear to everyone else

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