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Thread: Woodworking Shows Tour 2013

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    Woodworking Shows Tour 2013

    I saw this post on a blog:

    Apparently it's a big traveling woodworking show / bazaar. Never heard of it, but there's one not too far from me, so I may go. One can purchase discounted tickets in advance at their website:

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    I remember when those shows were the only thing going and were actually pretty good, with a lot of good vendors including Lie Nielsen showing their products there. Over the years they really lost their luster and I quit going. They don't bother coming to the west coast anymore. Don't know where you are located David, but I would recommend going if it is a show that Paul Sellers is demonstrating at.
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    I didnt know anything about these shows.
    somerset is less than an hour from me.
    eh, Im going to the saratoga springs show,
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    No of them are even close to me.

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    Glenn and I went to this a couple years ago. It was a total waste of time---especially since it involved 4 hours on the road. I went, expecting to spend some serious money; I think the total I spent was $29.95. Oh, I forgot, Glenn and I had some coffee and he had a roll or something in addition to the $29.95 plus tax.

    Except for the sterling company (Glenn) it was a wasted day. I can understand why they are not on the West Coast any more. Hopefully they do better East of California.

    Glenn and I have gone to other shows, purchased power tools, supplies, etc. and had a wonderful time so I don't think it was us.


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    I went to several of the shows in the Tampa Bay area some years back. The last one I attended was somewhat lacking and I've heard much the same from other folks in recent years. Saying that, if there were a show near me, I'd still attend it.
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    I haven't been for a few years, can usually get a few good deals there though.

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    I was thinking about going to the one in Springfield, Ma on Saturday. It's about 2-3 hours from me. Reading the responses so far I'll probably pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al killian View Post
    No of them are even close to me.

    From the looks of the map, nothing is close to Floydada.... I grew up in Texas and had to google a map to even see where it was...
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