I am struggling to make sense of a few things and need some help interaction to clear my head.

Looking to purchase a tablet. Have gone around the bend researching. Was all set to pull trigger after Brents great help but then i stumbled upon the new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

This is a cool piece of tech but i want to be able to wirelessly link it to my projector to do presentations and run video. Its able to do this and my son at University tells me one of his profs have this tablet and using it this way. So i asked how and its bluetooth. My problem with bluetooth is every blue tooth device i have used so far has been pretty basic link like music or cell or keyboard.

Been looking for a bluetooth reciever that will plug into USB port on Projector but i dont find any with enough detail to even be able to conclude it will work.

Have found my projector manufacturer BENQ has an App and a dongle which looks to be WIFI by my estimate they have branded it to cloud this fact in my view but you never know.

My problem is how does one direct the output to the bluetooth on the tablet device without a specific app doing it? Then do any of you know if the blue tooth link would be able to handle video? There is a load of typical marketing stuff out there but thin on detail to give you comfort as to the how part.

Any of you hooked up a portable projector to a tablet yet wirelessly. So far i have used my projector hooked up to my Atrix phone via the HD output and bluetooth control for a mouse to drive the presentation on powerpoint using Office Pro App.

I am keen on this Samsung but hey been burnt way to many times in my career on technology to extrapolate any longer from marketing pics that it can do what i want it to do without me hiring a programer to make me a custom interface.

My other thought is to look for a HDMI wireless link that would connect at both projector output and tablet output but that means something on the tablet side to be powered other than the tablet and a chunk i presume to carry with tablet. Will look around to see if there is anything like this. ANyone happen to know off hand?

Any and all input much appreciated my head is bursting this going gray stuff is for the birds.