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Thread: Your momentary loss of concentration can cost you!

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    Your momentary loss of concentration can cost you!

    Earlier this week I began constructing a wood storage rack that requires quite a few dados on 8' 2x4s.

    Early this afternoon, I was cutting those dados with pattern bit....turned off my plunge router.....I didn't wait for the bit to spin down. I flipped it over to adjust the base to adjust it to cut another 1/4". My mind was elsewhere and my wrist made contact with the still spinning bit.

    As the PA said as she sewed it's like sewing up a puzzle...luckily I put some together with my kids at Christmas.

    14 stitches later, I'm home.

    Don't let anything distract you!

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    Wow that hits close to home. I don't know how many times I've turned off my router and almost cut myself on the spinning bit because of carelessness.

    Thanks for the slap to the back of the head Ken.

    Sorry about the stitches. Sure glad for you that it wasn't worse.
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    OW! heal well and quickly. glad it wasn't worse.

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    Very sorry to hear this. Hope you recover quickly and fully!
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    Youch! Heal up soon Ken. Man I hate to hear these stories....
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    well ken,, you got lucky agian.. glad you came out well as you did.. heal up soon and have a scottish ale tonight to settle the nerves..
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    Owiee! Heal up fast Ken...don't need these type of reminders though, a simple sign on the wall will do.

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    Owww is right! Thanks for the reminder, and I'm truly sorry you are in the position to be giving it to us. Heal up quickly, Ken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    well ken,, you got lucky agian.. glad you came out well as you did.. heal up soon and have a scottish ale tonight to settle the nerves..
    Actually I had 3 Dos Equis Amber ales when we took the neighbors out to supper. They provided the ambulance service as Sharon was having lunch with some friends at the time.

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    Trying to disinfect from the inside out??? Not a bad idea, we don't want any infection to set in! As I said on another forum, sorry to hear about the injury. Take it easy for a few days. Jim.
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