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Thread: Spielberg has done it again imho....

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    Spielberg has done it again imho....

    This week Linda and i saw Lincoln the new Spielberg movie on the circuit.

    Anyone else seen it and what did you think, experience feel?

    No intention here of starting a political debate, i am hoping we can still discuss history today without a furore, if not please mods kill the thread.

    I thought some of you might like to hear my view given i did not grow up in North America. Yet come from a place that has a very sad past.

    I aint a history scholar heck i wish my family had been wealthy enough for me to do nothing but be academically inclined I would have been a history scholar very quickly.

    And yes before anyone pipes in with its not exactly historically correct , I know its a movie.

    However i think the director did a good job of presenting an event of huge historical significance. Daniel Day Lewis deserves an Oscar in my view. So do the make up guys.

    There were many times i had tears running down my cheeks, i was emotionally moved by some of the scenes. Very well created.

    After it caused me a great deal of reflection on my life growing up in South Africa.

    I do remember visiting with an "Aunt" (not a family one) in Cape Town as a youngster, this would have been around 1968, although slavery ended in the Cape Colony way way back there was still the evidence in the back yard of her old apartment block, a ring in the ground where they tied up the slave.

    The other thought i had related to the aspect of observing how power is distributed in the American gov through having the various branches and office of the President with his cabinet. It may not be tidy and neat and yeah it may be chaotic, corrupt and messy but it sure beats what i experienced as alternative.

    I cannot imagine anyone who is American not being very proud of their country after watching a movie like this.

    I would love my Dad (95) to be able to see it and i hope to make that possible as soon as they decide if they decide to release the dvd version in South Africa. I know our version on DVD is slated for around March April i think if my memory of my research serves me correct, but they only going to release the actual movie in South Africa in February.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in the cinemas there to see what the reaction is there to the movie. I had to wonder if the ordinary guy in the street outside of America without knowledge of the history (Civil War in progress) and person would be able to fully grasp the whole event and its significance. Certainly hope so. During my day at school we did get to be taught some of the US history but not much.

    By the way if you like history go see Les Miserables too. Its an excellent show with some excellent acting and you guys historically had some influence in the events that it relates to. Art if you read this, it is a musical but they had to adapt the singing to suite an actor like Russel Crow. Nothing like the sound of the real theater performance but better at explaining the story than the stage show.

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    Just remember Rob, Lincoln spent his mid-youth not far from where I sit now. Several parks (State and Federal) and other attractions locally in his honor. Actually documented proof the walked the woods here, probably even our very own.

    As far as appreciation of the movie and what we have. Well, most folks don't appreciate what they have, when they have it. Most figure he is just another dead president.
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    I saw it a few weeks back and thought they did a really good job and thought they casted it well. Toured his home/museum and memorial when the kids were younger. The kids Aunt was a history teacher, so they always did a lot of history things when we visited with them.

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    Daniel Day Lewis was great in the role of Lincoln. Well worth seeing the movie.

    I also saw Moonrise Kingdom and Beast of the Southern Wild. Both were miserable - not just bad, but downright terrible. I'm just astounded that either could be mentioned as a candidate for honors.

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    I passed your review of Lincoln along to my wife ... she was impressed. She wants to see the movie and has said several times she'd like to see it on the big screen...don't know that that will enhance the movie any, should be just as impressive on a 42" flat screen TV.
    I don't mind going to the movie theaters, the price of the tickets for seniors/matinee isn't too bad... it's the $17 bucket of popcorn, two $6 big gulps drinks (which warrant at least 3 trips to the bathroom and you can't put the movie on pause while you're gone - so you miss the most dramatic scene in the movie, etc...) and if she's really wanting to splurge a $4 box of JUJUBE's or Junior Mints...

    Maybe I'll take a second mortgage and give her a treat.
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