Dont know about you but when i heard this on the news today i was blown away. Its not as if its totally suprising if one stops to think about the world and the expansion of mobile phones.

But its incredible to think about if you have had a manufacturing carreer in electronics and originated from where i came from.

First thing my entrepreneurial brain thought of was the opportunity this creates for accessories. Given the market for the phones, the tablets will follow and considering the vast numbers of users and their desires of what they would like to do with these gadgets outside of make a call, i think the opportunities for niche products (maybe new definition to a niche if one considers potential volumes) are phenomenal. Add to that the ability to reach all these users via forums and ecommerce and the light weight of a typical accessory and boom its a recipe to become a millionaire overnight if one has a bit of interest and drive.

There aint no excuse at all nowadays not even a lack of money.

Take a look at what these guys got on kickstarter for their project related to the whole new ( i call it boom) in electronics as a result.

This aint directly anything to do with Samsung or its mobile phones but it fits into the general category of media devices to me.

So if you dished out coin for a flat panel tv before the smart TV came about, hang in there for a Equiso and you wont have to upgrade.

Just imagine ....these guys asked for $100 000 in funding....thats without any shares being parted with, and they got $241 000 and change. Never mind the free marketing launch.

Then there are these guys making the OUYA they asked for $950 000 and got $8,596 million. Again instant business and they have not parted with one share neither do they have any startup debt or VC vultures on their back.

Its a whole new world and i still think there is a place for huge innovation in woodworking that can feed off this market.

Consider something we still all like natural products and this market is all manufactured glass and plastic and silicon.

Time to get creative in woodworking ideas to fit this new market. Any woodworkers interested in collaborating? I have some ideas i believe are relevant. But i dont want to spoil my hobby like i did the last hobby i had.