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Thread: cruddy day so far

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    cruddy day so far

    I went out early this morning for my daily walk(2 miles in the morning)
    Temps were high, I was feeling good, gonna get my day started and get busy. Still having problems getting motivated lately(nobody wants to paint an attic and pull down paper and rip carpet)

    halfway through my walk, my knee started to bother me, but I finished the walk, and changed into my shop clothes.

    I made some shelves for a closet and I needed to iron on the veneer edging.

    I started the shelves, piling the finished ones on a 2x5 piece of plywood I had over 2 work horses.

    I had set the plywood up because I redid some drawers on my planer cabinet and piled all the mortiser bits, and a ton of assorted hardware item on the temp plywood table until I had nothing to do to sort through it all.

    Sure enough when I tossed the last shelf onto the pile,(because I piled them all on the extreme left side of the table) it was like a seesaw and flung all the hardware and bits into the air as the table tilted up and fell down.

    Now I had to pick up a million pieces of hardware. Well the good news is my knee pain subsided, since now my back was aching alot more.

    Came into the house, wanted to get a bunch of pen blanks and cut them down for tubes.

    naturally, I could not find the 7 mm bit, so eventually, I gave up.

    Walking out of the garage, I picked up a piece of plywood to toss, and gave myself a dandy splinter, took me 20 minutes to dig it out.

    I went into the house, went to get the vacuum to clean the attic bedroom since Ive been doing some clean up, and when I pulled the vacuum out of the hall closet, I knocked the door off its track, and that took me 40 minutes to reset since I wasnt sure what I was doing at first.

    so now its 1:50, and I really havent dont anything today I planned on doing.

    My son just called, asked me to pick him up(and my niece and friends)at the train station. They all took off work today and went to the Cake Boss bakery(I dont know the name of the place, its in hoboken NJ) in jersey.
    Im hoping he makes my day and brought me back something to eat so at least unproductive, Ill still be happy.
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    I can co-commiserate, but mine has been a trying week. Stuff that broke in the last week...............Washing machine, 2 trucks, (gas tank leak and brakes on one, and front end and engine sounding like it is gonna blow on the other)Naturally these are both my woods trucks so I ran out of wood for the boiler. I went out with the one truck(300,000 miles on the engine and the front end wandering around, I drove real slow) yesterday and prayed I would make it to a roadside spot to cut some green wood and back home. It rained all yesterday so I can't get into the woods to cut dead ash trees. Managed to get home with a few sticks to heat the house and low and behold the neighbor showed up with a trailer full of wood. Really nice guy, must have heard my prayer..........

    Went down to check e-mails on my old computer and found it making beeping noises with the keyboard and monitor not working.....looks like a new motherboard is needed. Guess it's time to get an external Hard drive and back -up lots of data...

    The washing machine is one of 2 that was working and one of the 2 dryers quit heating as well. so I have one of 4 machines working in the laundry department and this does make the wife a bit cranky.

    On top of it all I have had the flu for the last few days. ........Time to suck it up and get the tools out..................
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    If I put my day on here, along with yours, you would start crying and have to seek professional help and that would cost you more money. So I will not share and wish a better day tomorrow.
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    Your day mirrors mine from yesterday. It seemed that the only thing I could make in the shop was mistakes. I gave up around 2pm and by the time I got changed out of shop clothes, realized I was coming down with a bug. So although I am home sick from work today, I can blame all my rookie mistakes yesterday on coming down with a bug. Better days ahead . . . .
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    i dont want to get anywhere near you guys your contagious i am sure get well soon guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    ...Well the good news is my knee pain subsided, since now my back was aching alot more...
    Sort of along the same lines are hitting your thumb with a hammer to get rid of a headache.

    Sounds like a good day to park in front of the TV or something. Here's hoping you have a better day tomorrow.
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    Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip had a request in large, bold, solid, letters. I hope you get what she requested, "I WANT Ups, UPS and MORE UPS!!!"



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    tomorrow will be a much better day.
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    Sorry to hear of all your days. Had one like this on Sat and just changed tack. Safest thing to do.

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