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Thread: Google Chrome Remote Desktop

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    Google Chrome Remote Desktop

    For the past week or so I've been testing out the Chrome Remote Desktop app to remote to my shop PC from the house and from work. I was surprised how quickly it connects and updates. Videos played from my driveway and shop cams are both clear and studder free. It also has an option to share your pc to another user, for say tech support. So the next time Mom calls with a computer problem I'll probably be walking her through using this.

    When sharing the PC, it prompted me for approval, then it downloads a program to run a the service for sharing. There was no modifications to do on the computer, firewall, or router and everything gets sent via SSL encryption.

    Anyone else been kicked the tires on it yet?

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    Haven't tried the Chrome version, although I use the free version of Team Viewer quite a bit to connect to my computers in CA. I mostly use it to troubleshoot my wife's laptop. She's a total computer novice, so she needs a fair amount of hand-holding to get through things like e-mail and web browsing.

    I'll give the Chrome remote desktop a look-see, though. Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Nope but i appreciate the heads up and it gives me a certain comfort knowing a guy like you has tried it out with success. I am still very weary of these tools. thats what comes of being brought up to believe there is a communist under each bed waiting to get you.

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