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Thread: Yellow pine first time!!

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    Yellow pine first time!!

    Im refinishing a yellow pine end table. First time working with this wood and herd some bad stories on it being blotchy and uneven when stained like pines do. I was aware of that but the color of the wood giving most stains a yellow undertone is what Im worried about. I want it something dark like a rich mahogany color but I want it to show the grain nice too! I know ill have to use a conditioner on this so any advice on what brand name conditioners, stains, finishes, polyshades, wood sheens etc. that will let me hit my goal would be awesome!

    Thank you


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    I don't have any advice, but Welcome aboard Tony!

    (Some of our more useful members should be along shortly with help!)
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    I've never worked with yellow pine, so no advice on the stain, but I did get your photo rotated so the table is back on its feet.
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    Welcome aboard, Tony!

    I haven't done much work like that, but when I have I've used a 1.5lb mix of blond shellac as a sealer. I buy SealCoat and thin it. Then, I blend dye (like Transtint) with some of the shellac to get the tone close and apply several coats until I like what I see.

    Edit: should have mentioned that it's best to use the shellac full strength over the knots to seal them extra good first!
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    welcome tony,, and if you dont spray finish then you should get some info how to apply dye with a carrier like shellac.. i spray finish and it works well but to dye with a brush and wipe it off is a little harder to get a even coat.
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    Thanks for the info but unfortunately don't have access to a sprayer but that sounds like a good procedure. Im just gonna go with my instincts since I cant find no alternative ways that will be useful for my access. Ill condition the wood and Im gonna try out a oil based wiping stain. A guy at the local hardware store said he used a oil based wiping for a yellow pine door and it turned out good pretty good! Prolly just a simply light poly for finish. Think that'll do the trick!

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    wiping stain is one thing that you dont want to do to much at once with it actually has a varnish in it to keep it thicker and it dries quick and if you need to wipe off dont wait to long as its hard to wipe once it starts drying so do one side at a time till you get a feel for it..start on the back or a in a spot that will not be seen as prominent.. then a wipe on poly is a good cover coat and that works well wipe on then touch sand and then wipe again .. i have use minwax wipe on poly and it works well..
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