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Thread: Steve's old saw

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    Steve's old saw

    Hello, all! New guy here, I generally hang out at What brings me here today is Steve Clardy and his old bandsaw.

    Many of you probably already know the story of Steve's shop, the misfortune therein, and his new bandsaw. What you may not know is what happened to his old saw once his new toy was up and running.

    You probably also know that Jeff Horton is an old machine junkie like me. He also spends some time at Steve asked Jeff to help him ID the saw, so Jeff posted it to We all figured out that it's a Silver 20" bandsaw.

    Steve and I worked out the details and I went out yesterday to pick up the saw. If you think that Steve is a good guy here on-line, you should meet him in person. We spent 3 solid hours talking about woodworking, machines, hand tools, and old Fords. A great time. But, eventually, I had to head home. It's a four hour drive one-way, so there was a lot of behind-the-wheel time.

    Today I unloaded it and quickly put it back together in order to store it.

    Here is the entry on

    It'll be awhile until I can get to it, but it should make a nice saw.

    Edit: Forgot to link to the before pictures.

    Thanks again, Steve!
    -Joe Wells
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    Welcome Joe, heck of a good first post!

    Yeah, that Clardy guy can be real nice, I got the guts of his old 14" bandsaw that suffered a direct hit in the roof collapse, you can see that > here < hope to make a decent 14" saw myself in the next little while.

    Anyway, welcome to the family!

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    hi joe!
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    Howdy Joe


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Hey Joe. Good to see you get registered here and posting.

    Had a great time visiting with you. Time was way too short.
    Stay longer next time will ya?

    I'm sure glad Joe has taken that ol' Silver off my hands, and to see that it will go to someone that will restore it and get some use out of it.
    It just didn't fit my needs anymore.

    Strange. I have finger prints on a bandsaw in St' Louis, and one in Japan

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    Well I am late to party again. But that's a good thing. That means I am working and making money! WHOO HOOO!

    I guess this makes me a Old Arn Pimp? No, an Old Iron Match Maker. Bringing old iron together with new owners. Told you I could find it a home Steve!

    I was really tempted by Steve's saw but it just wasn't big enough for what I am doing. But it was just such a cool old saw. I am glad to see the saw go to someone that won't butcher it up. Plus I have a lead on what I really want. So it all comes out in the wash.

    Welcome to the Family. Some good guys here!
    God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway,
    the good fortune to run into the ones I do,
    and the eyesight to tell the difference.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Any updates on ol' hi-ho silver Joe?

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