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Thread: Proper adhesive

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    Proper adhesive

    I know that I haven't posted much lately. I have been very busy with work and just not in the woodworking mood. I did purchase a 50" rail set for my table saw. I am going to put a router table in the right hand end of it. I got some solid surface material at an auction and I am thinking of using for the route top. What I need to know is what should I use for adhesive to glue it to a piece of 3/4" partitical board. The surface material is 1/2" thick and needs a little beefing up. I will also put stringers on the bottom near the hole to help keep it level. What are your thoughts.

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    Not really sure, but I would think that a construction adhesive would do the job, use a serrated trowel to spread it and clamp it with cauls for a 24 hour period. When they installed our solid surface counters they used clear silicone to glue it to the cabinets, and after five years it is still holding tightly, so that may be an option also.

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    No personal experience with gluing those two materials together, but I'd think the same type of contact cement used for gluing Formica to particle board should work just fine. I prefer the smelly solvent based version over the water based stuff.

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    We use silicon all the time and never had any problems.

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