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Thread: Attended a Sketchup Seminar

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    Attended a Sketchup Seminar

    Last night my dad and I attended a sketchup seminar that was led by one of the editors, Randy Maxey, of Shopnotes Mag. He does sketchup drawings of all the projects in shopnotes and some in woodsmith so he can better understand how they go together and has posted a few to the sketchup catalog webpage. It was a very basic class, he sketch'd a couple kitchen cabs, but it really helped me grasp how the software works. My dad who uses autocad and sketchup even learn a couple things. Now if I can find the time to get at the computer at home and work at it myself....
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    That sounds like a wonderful thing. As old and dense as I am, I would still go to a SketchUp Seminar if there was one in the area. I keep using it more and more even though I am at the "Ignoramus" level.

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    jeff if your dad can use auto cad then he should be able to help you threw sketchup and then dave can give you a online lesson if you need it.. glad your getting to be more sketchup oriented..
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