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Thread: puter part ?

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    puter part ?

    can one get a y adapter that allows a person to make the single usb port into a double female port setup.. i want to have 2 usb items hooked up at the same time or will that cause my old USB to get confused.. like me? will only use one at a time but i am tired of resetting my camera and sound for the skype calls, after i use it for the camera up loads
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    Yes, there are multi adapters. But not all are created equal. Do get a high quality make. And, if more than a double it needs to be a powered version. I'm no techy type but I have learned these wires are not like a simple extension cord. Some devices might not work off of a multi. Strange stuff.
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    It's called a USB hub and they have a variety of different number of ports. I've got 2 8 port hubs hooked up to my pc.
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    I have a 6 into 1 Larry, it is a powered one and works fine

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