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Thread: My Hackberry

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    My Hackberry

    Les was showing off his beautiful spalted hackberry pen.... thought I might show some of the spalted hackberry I've been working with... these are two urns that I turned from a couple of chunks of spalted hackberry... they are from a deadfall that was blown over in a wind storm and lay in the preacher's farm field for almost a year... the logs were muddy and nasty when we picked them up, but looked outstanding when I turned them.... the first one I turned last fall and put in a local art show... I think every person who stopped at my booth picked it up... when I told them it was supposed to be a crematory urn, they put it back pretty quickly .. ?? ... the lady who bought it planned to use it as a dry flower vase in her foyer - until she needed it.
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    This one the preacher who gave me the wood saw what I did on the first urn and ordered one for his mother in law for Christmas... don't know what's up with that??
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    At that same show I also had several hackberry bowls that were attention getters too.... these two aren't from the show, they were made later, but you can see the difference in the spalting of the wood... I'm thinking one bowl is further along in the process, with more color...
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    This bowl is from a piece of green hackberry that was knocked down in a tornado last April here in town.... it was a huge tree and I could only load about 3 pieces of one trunk... the others were just too big for me to handle... not much grain pattern in the fresh wood. This bowl is almost 13 inches diameter..
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great collection of forms, Chuck and you sure can't beat the character of the wood. Your forms display the wood perfectly without competing with it.

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    There is sure some great looking spalting in those HF's and bowls.
    Great stuff!

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    Knocked 'em outta the park Chuck! Gonna have to try my hand at some of that one day.
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