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Thread: Applauding customer service

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    Applauding customer service

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but wanted to give credit where credit due for good service from JET Tools....

    I have a JET 1442VS lathe that has been a work horse... it's coming up on it's 5 year birthday next month. I've had a little bit of trouble with the Reeves system and have been tinkering with it some, putting in a new shaft, new bearings, etc... last week I noticed a clacking noise at the lower speeds and when I looked, saw metal shavings inside the headstock... on further investigation, found that the rod that travels on the speed lever had slipped and the end of it was ticking against the spokes on the back of the inside pulley... there is a little series of vanes that I think act as strengthening and support for the pulley... the rod appears to be stainless, so it's a bit harder than the aluminum of the pulley and had nicked about 1/8 inch out of the spokes.

    I loosened the cap screw that was supposed to hold the bearing banjo (not proper name, but looks like a banjo to me) onto the rod and put everything back together.... next day, same noise, checked and the rod had slipped again... evidently I didn't set the cap screw tight enough.... tried to re-tighten, but it's very awkward to get an allen wrench in the cap screw and even more awkward to try to tighten.... I bought a grade 8 - 1/4 x 20 bolt and put that in place and tightened it with a socket wrench...don't think it will back out now.... but while I had everything apart, I also removed the bearing off the pulley to see why it wobbled... looked like the edge of the pulley where the bearing was supposed to sit was worn and on further inspection noted that the slot where the keyway on the shaft went through the pulley had a small break in the aluminum... so a call to JET was in order.... explained the problem and talked with the tech a few minutes.... he said the pulleys were wear items, but that he would send me another set under warranty.

    Also asked about the spindle screw that drives the tail stock spindle in and out.... mine seem to have some flats on the tops of the threads and there is a binding when I advance the tailstock spindle... he said he would send me another of those as well....

    and back about a month and half, I saw that the E-ring keep on the outside pulley on my shaft was worn and wallowed out... they also sent me a new headstock spindle shaft...

    Kudo's and high marks and applause for JET's customer service. I've never regretted buying this lathe and as I said it's been a real work horse...
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    Always good to hear. WMH has really stepped up in their efforts to combat previous shortcomings in the CS area. Used to be I would pass them right by when looking for machines. Hearing stories like yours over the last couple years brought them back onto the radar. I have had an oscillating belt for over a year and it has been just great. 'Other companies' . . . . are you listening?
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    Good news Chuck glad to hear stories like this and that they sorted you out. Wish the tech sector would take a leaf out the machinery boys book and think that not everyone wants to change their tech toys every year.

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