There is a short program i try to catch now and then on BBC called "Click" you can click on the link and see it online if you dont have BBC.

Anhow today they mentioned a site that i thought is an excellent site and tool specifically if you have a smart phone either Apple or Android, but even if you do not have one of these phones.

A senior ( as in old age) member of my family in South Africa recently lost a load of money (bank account cleaned out) in a scam and i thought it worthwhile sharing this SCAM DETECTOR here so as to provide a tool for those with internet access and smartphones to be able to fight back against this kind of criminal that is most often even out of reach for our police given where they can hide out today and yet get on the web.

BE WARNED this is not a totally comprehensive list. Its only what they know and that is a function of what is reported to them. So if you have been a victim of a scam dont do nothing about it. You need not let all your friends and family know about it but you can alert this site to it so others can avoid the same trap.

Forwarned is forearmed.

For those of you on Facebook just be aware there are 20 plus scams listed and i dont believe that covers all the Facebook scams there are.

That dont mean its bad, i see this very much like a learning thing. At some point in our life we get out on the street and become street smart. I think we all have to become web smart and this is one way of helping that education along.

It scares me to think of what the next generation are going to get taken for given most are kept so sheltered they hatch from the nest as naive as can be.

One can no longer use appearance to judge threat.

Be careful out there and keep safe.