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Thread: Tower rescue

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    Tower rescue

    Little while ago today a tower worker froze up and started going in shock from the cold. Channel 4 chopper was over head and I get a call asking me what was going on and could I see it. I asked who it was and it was the guy in the chopper. I guess he could read my phone number on the front of the shop.
    Pat collins from nbc called me and asked what was going on , after it was all over Pat came to the shop and interviewed me. If you have seen him on nbc you know the kind of interviews he dose. But he maned up in my shop LOL

    Maybe on 4 today between 5-7.

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    One of my good friends worked on the electric power towers. Death Valley was his specialty. He actually liked the heat. I'll take mine on the ground (or in an airplane) at around 72 degrees farenheit thank you.

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    Wow, that must have made for an interesting day, for sure. Glad they got the guy down OK. There's no way I could do that kind of work.
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    to bad you didnt take time to show him your art and put some plugs in on the restoration business
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    Yeah Larry took the words out of my mouth. Calling Frank we need a course here for Dave in shameless self promotion. Pity you cannot push rewind on the whole event. Call him back and ask him if he wants to do a piece about a artist that does restoration for a living and rides a bike, hunts turkey and teaches finishing to his buddies.

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