Anyone here been a member of something like the scouts and remember a kind of interactive song we used to sing around the campfire .

Went something like .......theres a plane in the sky and its caught on fire and going crash.....

Audience response: oooohhhhhhhhhh

Then the leader says: BUt wait i see parachutes the pilot has jumped out .

Audience response : hooraaaaaaaayyyyyyy

Leader: Oh but the chute has failed

Audience : ahhhhhh

Leader: Wait a minute the guys in luck he is gonna land in a haystack .

Audience : hooraaaayyyyy

Leader: but there is pitchfork sticking up in the haystack he is going to hit it.

audience ahhhhhh

Well thats what i have been batting with one of my sons looking for a house to stay in for next year while at University. And i was dumb yeah dumber than dumb to get involved in the thick of sorting out the deal with the prospective Landlord. Oh boy try get 4 parents and 4 young men ( kids in my books or they would have sorted it themselves) all on the same page. Oy Vey.

What amazes me the most is how much pressure these kids are able to bring to bare such that intelligent well educated experienced business people well versed in contracts and law especially leasing, are able to totally deny their intuition and risk management skills to look the other way and agree to the unagreeable to remove said pressure.

Boy i was being beaten silly by my son, he is lucky he was at the end of a phone hours away or we might have had an incident on national television.

All resolved itself and we secured the place and in compliance with my requirements for amendment to the lease but boy i felt like i was General Custer on my last stand.

I hope i am around to see his kids give him payback.

They had me questioning myself and my sanity. For a good while i began to think i was an alien from another planet. But i missed the pitchfork and landed in the haystack.