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Thread: pen tubes colors

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    pen tubes colors

    can I paint the brass pen tubes that come with a pen kit?

    (some of the lighter acrylics tend to show the gold, I would prefer to paint them black or white, or some color)

    not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the lavender pen on top, you can see the gold colored tube right through the acrylic, would rather have a black or white background.
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    I'm no expert, but I have read of people doing that in the past. I guess the trick is making sure you don't scrape the paint off when putting it in the blank.
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    Yeppers, it's done quite a bit. White or black seem to be the most common colors.
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    les elm does it all the time allen.. talk with him on it..
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    Allen, I have an assortment of "sharpie" markers that I color my tubes with. It's quick, easy and dries fast. When done... just replace the cap and throw it back in the drawer. I have black, red, blue and highlighter yellow.
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    It's almost a "Must" Allen. Most blanks are cast with just that in mind. I'm a fan of black, but I also use a lot of silver to brighten the colors. You will often have better results painting the inside of the blank...Q-tips work really good
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    tom, youd think something as simple as just using a sharpie would pop into my mind. this is why ya gotta love this place.
    I have about 10 years supply of sharpies, one of my former employees had a thing for them, he used to order them by the case.

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    I just use Krylon white or black. I always sand the tubes first then paint.
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    Hi Allen; As Jim B mentioned always paint the tube when you are using an acrylic.

    If you want your tube to be black I use a gun bluing sol'n such as this. There are many on the market with different names, I'm sure!

    I use acrylic paint to paint my blanks. I usually like to pick a colour that most matches the blank, and I generally look for a colour that has Pearl or Metallic in it's name.

    Lastly, I always use 2 part epoxy to glue in my blank. One drop of the acrylic paint in the epoxy when mixing it takes the place of painting the inside of the blank, which is a difficult and messy chore in my opinion. I've never been able to paint the inside of the tube, and have it look like it has been painted.

    Be certain to allow the acrylic painted tube to dry overnight. You will probably need a minimum of 2 coats to
    coat the tube. This is where job planning comes into pen turning. This is work to be done the evening before so you can turn pens tomorrow!

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    thanx everyone.
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