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Thread: Black Locust Burl

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    Black Locust Burl

    On a Chrome Vertex Click Parker Ballpoint.
    I'm really getting to like these with the nice solid, noise free click mechanism.
    Sanded to 400x, buffed with extra fine steel wool,applied 10 coats of Med CA Only my way and buffed with extra fine steel wool to knock down the high gloss finish.


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    Sweet! I really do like the looks of that kit, too.
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    That is cool looking pen and love the wood.
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    Really cool grain transition Les…finish isn’t taking over. Still on the fence with these kits, I have a Resin Saver for them and did two with decals.
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    I like the pen. I think Im going to order those in rollerball style next month.

    I want to purchase some nice looking wood blanks at reasonable prices, hoping the show next month produces some.
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    Nice pen & blank Les. As usual, a top quality finish.

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