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Thread: Detail Sander Opinion Please !

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    Detail Sander Opinion Please !

    I am looking to get a detail sander to use on some flutes I make . I would be sanding around medium sized leafs and such. Does anyone have an opinion of good or bad ones. Or maybe even one someone is not using and wants to trade sell etc. ? If Lowes has a good one that would be a plus as we have a Lowes close by. Plus I would not want to buy one where the sandpaper would be crazy expensive...This is new territory for me (carving etc) and am open to all opinions please Thanks !!!

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    I have the Bosch 1294 VS and love it. The sandpaper isn't always available locally, but I bought several packs from the factory parts store when I got it, and haven't begun to use it all. I also cut scraps from my big drum sander belts (hook and loop) which work fine. The triangular pad can be mounted with any of the 3 points forward, so I recommend you buy extra(s) and change the pad when you want to change the grit.

    Previously I had a Ryobi detail sander that ate paper like crazy, and didn't do that good a job. It went to the happy hunting ground of lousy tools (Craigs List), and I lived without one for several years before I sprung for the Bosch. The Bosch sands better, uses FAR less paper, and has pretty good dust collection if you hook up a vacuum to the dust port (quite a trick for a detail sander).
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    I found the Porter Cable detail sander on CL for $25.00. It has many different profiles one would probably do what you want it to.
    I haven't used it yet. I bought it for a refinishing project but didn't even try it. I ended up up hand sanding.

    I'm not sure that I would trust anything but hand sanding on something as delicate as a flute though
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