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Thread: Adam Savage on Dovetails

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    Adam Savage on Dovetails

    Stumbled across this video earlier today. Here is Adam Savage (from Mythbusters) and another guy who I don't know, talking about and experimenting with dovetails.

    It's kind of hilarious. I'm so used to being in awe of the things that Adam builds on mythbusters and elsewhere, and yet here he is a total newbie. He totally admits that, but it's just fun to hear him and this other guy (who does not have even the first clue) stumble through this. His vice isn't even mounted to the bench, for crying out loud!

    It'd be interesting to follow up on this in 6 months or so to see how he's improved. He's nothing if not determined.
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    Ha, that was entertaining. I cringed a bit at some of his chisel-handling techniques, but I suspect he'll get better at it. (He's already better than I am at hand cutting dovetails.)
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