Hi folks!

I'm in the wait and see mode. I've got a floor model drill press that I bought probably 8 or 9 years ago. It's a cheapy one that I bought from Re-Tool. It was new and I'm sure it's Chinese but the price was right. When I got it home and assembled it, I found that the chuck key was missing. I called them back and they said that I could get a universal four-way key. I picked one up and it's not quite right but does work. Well a few months ago, the power switch on this unit went bad. A little tab broke and it wouldn't stay in the on position. I thought I might be able to repair it, but it didn't work. I thought I might be able to pick up a new switch locally. No such luck though. I haven't been able to find one that will work.

This morning I decided to start my search again, but this time on the internet. I can't even find the name of the maker on it, just a model number. Well google helped me find the manufacturer. It's confirmed, they're in China. They did however still show this unit for sale on their site. There was a contact us link so I clicked it and sent them an email to see if I can get at least a new switch and hopefully a new chuck key.

Now the waiting and hoping begins.